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FYRS - Winter 2020: Home

How to use this guide

Locate the page denoted by your FYRS professor's name. The home page provides resources for all FYRS sections while course pages provide featured resources that relate to your specific course content.

There are resources below to help with online presentations. To access more online resources, visit our general student resources page for remote learning.

Library catalog: find books, articles, videos

Scholarly article search

Need more options? Library Databases A-Z

Need a specific journal? Journals A-Z

News Resources

Presentations and Notes

Here are some resources for using Slides and PowerPoint that may help you as start preparing for your FYRS presentations this semester:


Google Slides

You may want to use Google Slides for your presentations during the rest of this semester. To do so, it can be helpful to include notes in your slides so that your classmates and your professor know what it is you wanted to say during the presentation, without putting everything onto slides.

Add and share notes on Google Slides (video tutorial)  OR  Add and share notes on Google Slides (written instructions)

In Google Slides you also have the option to record and add audio files to individual slides. This is an option which allows you to record yourself speaking in your slide show. See the tutorials below for help.

Adding audio files to Google Slides (video tutorial)   OR   Adding audio files to Google Slides (written instructions)



As with Google Slides, you can add notes to individual slides. If you need to do presentations during online instruction, this feature may helpful to provide what you would have said in an face to face presentation. 

Adding notes to PowerPoint Presentations (video tutorial)

In PowerPoint, you have the option to add audio to your presentation by recording yourself as you move through your presentation. To use this option, you must have PowerPoint installed on your computer, and be sure that everyone who needs to see the presentation has access to PowerPoint.

Google Drive Resources

Accessing your Google applications (via Transy)

Whether you need Docs to type a paper, Slides, to do a presentation, Sheets to organize your data, or Meet to join a class discussion, you can access all your Google resources in one convenient location with your Transy credentials. 

Accessing Google Apps for class and work (video tutorial)   OR   Accessing Google Apps for class and work (written instructions)

Using your Google Drive

The need to share your files on Google is greater now than when you were able to hand in assignments in person. 

Using the "Share" function (video tutorial) OR Using the "Share" function (written instructions)