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FYRS -- First Year Research Seminar (Winter 2024): Home

How to use this guide

Locate the page denoted by your FYRS professor's name. This main page provides resources for all FYRS sections and the course pages feature resources that relate to your specific course content.

Brainstorming and Organizing Ideas

Brainstorming ideas is an important part of the writing process. Watch the video below to learn about creating a concept map.

What Is a Concept Map? (University of Houston Libraries, 2021)

Brainstorming Tools

Below are some online tools for making mind maps.

Developing Research Questions/Topics

Lateral Reading -- Evaluating Your Digital Sources

Retrieved from
(Click to enlarge image)

Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals

Citation Styles

The basic purpose of a citation is to allow someone else to find the source that you used.  Different professional organizations, academic fields, and journals will have specific ways that they want you to present the information in a citation.  Professors will pick one of these and ask you to follow it for your bibliography or works cited page.

Common citation styles include

  • MLA (which you see above and is used in most FYS classes)
  • APA

Get Additional Help

For additional help, schedule a meeting with a librarian or Writing Center tutor. Directions on how to do this are below.