General Information: People in the Library

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Public Services
(Instruction, Research Help, Reference, Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, AudioVisual)

Helen Bischoff
Head of Public Services

Your first stop for questions about your research, learning which resources to use & how.  You can also see Helen for help with instruction for classes, checking out and renewing books & placing items on reserve. Helen is the liaison for Fine Arts and for Humanities divisions.  You can also ask for help with reserving rooms or equipment.



Phillip Walker
Night Supervisor

Your first stop for questions about ILL and checking out and renewing books.
You can also ask for help with placing items on reserve, and checking out projectors and other AV equipment and research, and help with reserving rooms.


Technical Services
(Cataloging, Acquisitions, Serials, Computers, Networks, Database management)

Jason Cooper
Head of Technical Services

Jason can answer questions regarding the administration of the catalog and database technical issues. He makes sure all the online resources the library provides are interconnected and configured correctly.  He is the system administrator for PastPerfect software and the Proxy server.  He also oversees and can answer questions about digitization projects of the library.  You can also ask for help with research, ordering books, and the budget



Ann Long
Acquisitions/Serials Supervisor

Ann can answer questions about the books and other materials you have ordered for the library, tracking orders, monitoring which periodical issues have arrived, and bill paying.  You can also ask for help with reserving rooms or equipment.


Jeremy Puckett
Cataloging & Digitization Specialist

Jeremy catalogs and processes the physical and electronic books and other items.  You can ask him if an ordered book is ready.  He also works to digitize the unique collections of the library.



Meet the People!

Have questions? Contact us!

Make an appointment for a personal research consultation.  We are happy and excited to help you find high quality resources that best support your work.  Librarians can save you time and effort as you delve into your papers or research.

Librarians are assigned as liaisons to one or two divisions to foster stronger working relationships and help improve communication and contact between faculty and librarians. As liaison to the division, librarians are responsible for instruction for that division and they notify faculty about resources and opportunities for their division including collection development opportunities, etc.


Susan Brown
Library Director

Susan oversees all of the library's services.  Ask her questions regarding the personnel, collection, budget, & building.
You can also ask for help with research and instruction for classes, help with reserving rooms or equipment, or any matter pertaining to the library.


Special Collections and Archives

B. J. Gooch
Special Collections Librarian

Your first stop for information about the special collections of the library including rare books and university archives.
You can also ask for help with research and instruction for classes