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FYRS -- First Year Research Seminar (Winter 2023): Day

Possible Catalog Searches

Here are some example searches on your class topic in the library catalog:

Gather Background Information

Use broad reference materials to find out background information about your topic - this will help you narrow your future searches and will also give you keywords that will help you find the most relevant sources. Credo or the Encyclopedia Britannica can be good places to start for that first step in research.

Recommended Reference Books

Try these sources for background information and a brief overview of key ideas related to your chosen topic.

Quirk, Paul J., and William Cunion. "Gun Control." Governing America: Major Decisions of Federal, State, and Local Governments from 1789 to the Present, vol. 3: Government, Law Enforcement, and Foreign Affairs, Facts on File, 2011, pp. 852-859.

Recommended Books & eBooks

Check out these books in print and/or online for further reading on your topic once you've gotten started.

Recommended Websites


Gallup data on guns

Gallup topics - guns

Tom W. Smith and Jaesok Son. "GSS - Trends in Gun Ownership in the United States, 1972-2014" NORC at University of Chicago. March 2015.

Scholarly Articles

Citation Information

Evaluation exercise

What do you think?

  • Is it scholarly?
  • Would you use it?

Federick, Ashok. "Finland education system." International Journal of Science and Society 2.2 (2020): 21-32.

Lynch, Kellie R., et al. “‘People Will Bury Their Guns before They Surrender Them’: Implementing Domestic Violence Gun Control in Rural, Appalachian versus Urban Communities.Rural Sociology, vol. 83, no. 2, June 2018, pp. 313–46

Murphy, Mary. “Re-Imagining the Hunting Camp: Feminism, Huntresses, and Community.” Communities, no. 167, Summer 2015, pp. 58–59.

M. NILS PETERSON, et al. “Evaluating Relationships Between Hunting and Biodiversity Knowledge among Children.” Wildlife Society Bulletin (2011-), vol. 41, no. 3, 2017, pp. 530–36.

Bernstein, Jennifer and Alex Brown. "Women, Hunting and the Future of Conservation." The Gender Policy Report. University Minnesota. November 20, 2018.

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Section Topic

Guns in America: Guns play a significant, central, and divisive role in American culture and in the American economy. In fact, we live in a nation with more guns than citizens, not even counting military and police weapons, so it's not surprising that gun-related news stories appear practically every day. Neither is it surprising that citizens who own guns and those who don't frequently disagree strongly about ways to improve gun safety and to reduce gun violence. Additionally, there is widespread ignorance about gun violence in our country. Two primary aims of this course are to reduce that ignorance and to improve student safety. Another critically important aim is to help students learn to intelligently and calmly discuss divisive topics. (Note: this course is not anti-gun. It is, however, anti-gun-violence and anti-ignorance.)