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FYRS - Winter 2020: Day

Sample Catalog Searches

Here are some example searches on your general class topic in the library catalog:

Here are a few searches based on your classmates' topics:

Here are a few examples of more exacting searches that can be done in the catalog. All of these terms are being searched as keywords:

Featured Books

New Arrivals

Check our Fake News Winter 2020 list for recently ordered titles that may be of interest!

Other research resources (additional libraries and resources)

Gather Background Information--Reference Resources

Encyclopedia entries will give you background information on a topic as well as provide timelines, keywords, and the names of important figures related to your topic. Look at the table of contents to get a sense of the organization and use the index in the back to help you find what you need.

News Sources

Find Scholarly Articles--JSTOR


Class Resources

Contact Me

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