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Remote Instruction Resources

Here are resources for delivering classes using online tools such as Moodle, Google Classroom, Google Meet, or Google Drive.

Teaching at a Distance

When classroom instruction is interrupted due to emergencies, delivering classes using online tools (such as Moodle, Zoom, or Google Drive) is a way to continue classes at a distance.This resource guide provides tips and guidance in the event you need to move your classes online due to unforeseen emergency circumstances.

Although class activities vary depending on the subject, the following categories of class activities may need to continue at a distance:

For consultation and support in preparation to use technology for remote working/teaching, please refer to the Transy Digital Liberal Arts resource guide on the topic and access the "Remote Instruction and Work Tools for Faculty and Staff."

Email with tech questions related to teaching or working remotely--the college has a team of people monitoring this email to support you and your needs.

For all Google Education resources you use on campus, you will log in with your Transy email and credentials. 
EXAMPLE: AND your Transy password

Go to Google Classroom. - Log in with Transy credentials.

Go to Moodle. - Log in with Transy credentials.


Guide template and various resources copied, with permission, from E.H. Little Library, Davidson College

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Guide template and various resources copied, with permission, from E.H. Little Library, Davidson College