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Remote Instruction Resources

Here are resources for delivering classes using online tools such as Moodle, Google Classroom, Google Meet, or Google Drive.

Administering and Grading Assignments and Tests

Adding an Assignment to Moodle

Having your students submit work through Moodle allows you to grade and give feedback while at a distance. A video tutorial on adding an assignment to Moodle can be found here

To add an assignment you will turn editing on within your course by navigating to the Administration menu on the right-hand side of the course page. The second option should be "Turn Editing On." 


Once editing is turned on, you'll add an assignment or quiz for your students by clicking "Add activity resource" for the topic or week it's assigned.

"Assignment" or "Quiz" will most likely be the options relevant for your course.

When you are creating an assignment, you must name the assignment. Beyond that, you can add a description, you can upload files, such as a grading rubric or a sample for students to look that. 

There are other options to add to your assignments, such as date restrictions. Be aware of the different dates you can add to the assignment: The earliest you want students to be able to turn in assignments, the official due date of the assignment, the latest you want students to be able to hand in assignments, and then if you would like a reminder for grading the assignments. 

You can also edit submission types for assignments - while this option is available, please be cautious, as you will have students on a variety of different kinds of computers, which may affect the format in which they can submit. 

You can create assignments where students upload their work and you can give them feedback.

Guide template and various resources copied, with permission, from E.H. Little Library, Davidson College