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Remote Instruction Resources

Here are resources for delivering classes using online tools such as Moodle, Google Classroom, Google Meet, or Google Drive.

Resources for Art, Music, Dance, and Theater Courses

Art, Dance, Music, or Theater classes may require other resources to help with teaching concepts, etc in a distance learning environment. Here are some resources and groups to consider as you develop content.

Virtual Lab Resources

Lab courses may require specialized material, equipment, software, hardware that is not accessible in a remote teaching situation. Here are some resources to help you think about how to proceed with lab classes.

Investigate the possibility of using virtual lab options for some lab activities. Although they may not be optimal, these can be adequate for accomplishing some learning goals:

  • Free

    • BioInteractive
      Contains data-rich activities and case studies to connect students to ideas in biology.

    • ChemCollective: Virtual Labs (NSF, Carnegie Mellon, and NSDL)
      Free lab simulations for Stoichiometry, Thermochemistry, Equilibrium, Acid-Base Chemistry, Solubility, Oxidation, Oxidation/Reduction and Electrochemistry, and Analytical Chemistry/Lab Techniques.

    • MERLOT Simulation Collection (California State University)
      An online collection of Open Educational Resources. MERLOT offers a wide selection of simulations that are open to use for teaching.

    • #OnlineLabSci
      A collection of online science lessons covering projectile motion, laboratory safety, circuit exploration, and gravity & energy.

    • PhET Interactive Simulations (University of Colorado - Boulder)
      A free collection of simulations and teaching activities for Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Math, and Physics.

  • Fee-Based

    • eScienceLabs (fee-based)
      Enables the creation of a remote lab setting through lab kits and virtual teaching tools for over 19 subjects areas including Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences.

    • Hands-On Lab (fee-based)
      A service that works with faculty members to create customizable lab kits for students to conduct lab activities from home.

    • SimBio (fee-based)
      Offers several online lab modules in different subject areas, such as Biology, Cell Biology, and Environmental Science.