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Resources for Online Classes

When classroom instruction is interrupted due to emergencies, delivering classes using online tools (such as Moodle, Google Classroom, Google Meet, or Google Drive) is a way to continue classes at a distance.This resource guide provides tips and guidance.

Using Moodle

If you've never used Moodle before, please watch this quick tutorial on making your course visible. 

Whether your course content is pdfs, docs, links, videos, or others, you can easily add them to your Moodle course page for your students to access. You can also add files and folders from your Google Drive accounts using the "URL" feature.

There are more tutorials for specific Moodle functions on the sidebar. Remember, if it isn't a function that you've used before, and it's confusing, you don't have to use it. Use what you're comfortable with. If you have further questions, please email