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About Library Instruction at Transy: Levels

Overview of the Library Instruction Plan for Transylvania University


Academic library research is an integral part of the First-Year Research Seminar course experience. Students will be introduced to a variety of research materials as well as time-saving search strategies and techniques related to educational technologies including Google Suite and other campus tech platforms.

Discipline Specific Course Sessions

Many disciplines require students to have an understanding of and fluency with resources specific to their subject beyond the general first-year level. By working with faculty in those departments, we provide students opportunities to learn about the terminology, resources, and scholarly expectations within a particular field of study.

Senior Seminar

Building on what students have learned over their course of study, we seek to prepare seniors for the research expectations they will face as they transition into graduate or professional level work.

Library Partnerships


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The library instruction team works across all departments of campus and supports all academic programs. We specifically partner with the First-Year Program and DLA to develop content and make decisions for program review.