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About Library Instruction at Transy: Overview

Overview of the Library Instruction Plan for Transylvania University

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Katrina Salley
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Lori Bird
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Library Instruction - Two Tracks

Hierachical chart - Library Instruction 2 tracks - IL and Ed Tech

Information Literacy

  • Established program

  • How students identify, evaluate and use information ethically

  • Focused on 1st year program

  • Also teach upper classes

Educational Technology

  • New program - working to develop this

  • How students use and select tech for classroom assignments



Information Literacy Track - What it is

It is: Ability to identify a knowledge gap and figure out how to fill that gap ethically, efficiently, and effectively. Information literacy instruction reaches across all disciplines and levels.  At Transy, students will learn how information is organized and searched. They will also be instructed in how to identify, locate, and evaluate the best sources of information to satisfy a given need and how to use information ethically.

Our Goal: help students build knowledge and research skills incrementally throughout their four years at Transy which will serve them well when they move on to graduate school or professional work.

Ed Tech Track - What it is

It is: Ability to use and to critically evaluate technology resources, virtual learning tools, and technological concepts for their academic assignments and use them ethically.

Our Goal: 

  • Formalize the current educational technology instruction which happens organically through the library instruction program and services and to partner with program initiatives of the Digital Liberal Arts and university goals to expand educational technology 

  • Develop cohesive, structured educational technology instruction/support for our current and future students and others on campus.

How will information literacy skills help?

Information literacy skills aren't just used for academic purposes, such as research papers and group presentations. They are also used on the job.  Employers desire people who can navigate the sea of information available, select the most useful or relevant information, and use that information to improve goods and services. Consumer decisions also require us to think critically and spend wisely. Deciding which car or which vacuum cleaner to purchase has an impact on life quality. Besides, an informed citizenry is vital to a healthy democracy. Understanding the issues and having the ability to separate fact from fiction benefits society.