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Religion: Find Articles

Resources for the study of religions.

Do we have the Journal?

A - Z list of all journals by title

Lists both online & paper, date ranges, and where to find them at TU

Databases vs. the Web

Just because something is available online, that doesn’t mean it is a website.  Online subscription databases like those from EBSCO are available because the library has paid to have online access to their materials, which is often more convenient for students and researchers.  The open web, however, is exactly the opposite. The information is freely available, but anyone can create and host a site without any regulation.  Be cautious when using the open web.


As you explore topics, develop a keyword list for your topic.  Brainstorm for synonyms, keep track of dates, events, and key people related to your topic.   Add to the list as you delve into encyclopedia articles, book chapters, journal articles and other resources. 

Religion Databases

Try searching these subject-specific resources to begin your religion research. 

Religion is a topic that is discussed and critiqued in tandem with so many facets of society including, but not limited to, education, employment, medicine, law, mental health, etc. Depending on your topic, you may need to explore other database resources from other disciplines.

Search Google Scholar

Did you know that when you are logged into your Transy Google account can help you locate scholarly sources in the library collections? When you do research in Google Scholar, be sure to log into your Transy account. Many of our library holdings are synced with Google Scholar and you can locate more resources when you use both resources together.  

Google Scholar Search

Peer Reviewed Vs Popular

Use this chart for a quick reference to determine if your article falls into the peer-review/scholarly or popular realm of publication.

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Credit: Syracuse University Library

Inter-Library Loan

Subject Guide

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