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Education: On the Web

Research Guide for education related topics.

Databases vs. the Web

Just because something is available online, that doesn’t mean it is a website.  Online subscription databases like those from EBSCO are available because the library has paid to have online access to their materials, which is often more convenient for students and researchers.  The open web, however, is exactly the opposite. The information is freely available, but anyone can create and host a site without any regulation.  Be cautious when using the open web.

Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate...

who has written this information? what credentials does this person/group have on this subject? Is your source credible? What is the reputation of the source or content author?

who is responsible for the Web site? what organization is hosting (and paying to keep alive) this page?

why does this site exist? why was it created? Who is the intended audience?

is the information accurate? can it be verified through another source? is the language objective and impartial or is it subjective and inflammatory? is the information or research documented? 

how thoroughly is the topic covered? is it written for college level research? is the information sufficiently complete for your purposes?

when was the information on this page last updated?

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