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Spanish Medieval Literature

This research guide is intended to be an introduction to library resources for upper-level undergraduate students of Spanish Medieval Literature.

Tips for Searching

AND, OR, NOT (Keyword Boolean)

  • Use AND, OR, NOT to combine search terms
  • Use quotation marks to indicate phrases: "Divina Commedia"
  • Use opening and closing parentheses to group search terms
  • Use ? or * to truncate: donna? or donna*  (will find singular and plural forms). Note that the use of truncation symbols vary in each database or catalog.
  • There is no need to write with diacritics (accents, tildes, etc.)


Celestina AND (tema? OR critica?)

Fernando de Rojas AND “Celestina”

“Teatro” AND "comedia" AND Spain

"social aspects" AND “Spanish literature”

Spanish AND "clitic placement"


File:Alejandro Magno en submarino.jpg

Of particular interest will be: 

  • Cantar de Mio Cid: Dedicated specifically to the study of the epic poem, this page offers information on various manuscripts, and studies on the text.  There are also links to other useful databases as well as images.  
  • La Celestina: This website features information about Fernando de Rojas as well as the presentation, context and influence of La Celestina. 
  • A page of interest from the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies is the one dedicated to La Celestina.