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Faculty, Staff and Student Publications: T-Z

List of the published work of the current faculty, staff, and students of Transylvania University.


Taylor, Richard. Introduction. In: Mel Hankla. Into the Bluegrass: Art and Artistry of Kentucky's Historic Icons. American Historic Services. 2020.

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ebook & F459.E44 T39 2018

Taylor, Richard. The Feast of Silence. Larkspur Press. 2017
PS3570.A9515 F43 2017

Taylor, Richard. Bull's Hell: Poems on the Life of Cassius M. Clay, Larkspur
forthcoming, fall, 2014.

Taylor, Richard. Rain Shadow. Broadstone Press, Frankfort, KY, 2014.
PS3570.A9515 R35 2014

Richard TaylorRare Bird: Sonnets on the Life of John James Audubon, Larkspur Press. 2011.
PS3570.A9515 R37 2011

Richard TaylorFading into Bolivia, Lexington, Ky. Accents Publishing, Inc. 2011.
PS3570.A9515 F33 2011

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PS3570.A9515 R35 2009

Taylor, Richard. Sue Mundy: A Novel of the Civil War. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2006. Print.
PS3570.A9515 S84 2006

Taylor, Richard. Braintree: Fifteen Poems. Louisville, Ky: Scienter Press, 2004. Print.
PS3570.A9 B70 2004

Taylor, Richard. The Great Crossing, a Historic Journey to Buffalo Trace Distillery. Frankfort, KY (1001 Wilkinson Boulevard, Frankfort 40601: Buffalo Trace Distillery, 2002. Print.
TP605 .T246 2002

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E263.V8 H36 2002

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PS3570.A9515 S86 2001

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F457.K3 J66 1997

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PE1126.A4 T39 1991

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PS3570.A9515 E17 1979

Taylor, Richard. Girty. Berkeley, CA: Turtle Island, 1977. Print.
PS509.H5 T38 2006

Gohde, Kurt, Kremena Todorova, Bianca Spriggs, Gerald L. Bruns, Donna Sink, and Sean M. Starowitz. The Lexington Tattoo Project: An Artwork by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova. Lexington, KY: NoLi CDC, 2014. Print.
TR655 .G635 2014

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Todorova, Kremena. “Discarded Documents.” North of Center 2 Feb, 2011: 2. Co-authored with Kurt Gohde

Todorova, Kremena. “Passing through Laramie to Find Humanity in Lexington.” Progress Lexington April 22, 2010. Co-authored with Kurt Gohde

Todorova, Kremena. “Stitching the community together: Transy Students and North Limestone.” North of Center January 13, 2010: 1, 2. Co-authored with Kurt Gohde

Todorova, Kremena. “Building Community on North Limestone.” Peaceways August 2008: 3. Co-authored with Kurt Gohde

Todorova, Kremena. “Community, art and economics on North Limestone.” Business Lexington 16 May 2008: 29. Co-authored with Kurt Gohde

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See also Library paper Periodicals.

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Combined work of students of Transylvania University, Lexington, KY. Biology Senior Seminar Papers, Fall 2005.
Circulation Desk Permanent Reserve


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Library has copy on library drive.  Ask librarian for copy.

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was accepted in May 2017.

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