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Faculty, Staff and Student Publications: L-P

List of the published work of the current faculty, staff, and students of Transylvania University.


Lawson, Monica. (Class of 2012). "Experience dependent synapse formation and implications for developmental psychopathology." (2011). Modern Psychological Studies Undergraduate Journal, Spring (16), 97-107.

Lawson, Monica. (Class of 2012). "Gender Implications of the touch taboo in psychotherapy: A feminist rhetorical perspective." (2015) Women and Language, Fall (38.2) 55-80.

Lin Wei. “Imperial Patronage and Early Chinese Cave Temples” (working title), included in the forthcoming volume, Cambridge World History of Religious Architecture (Buddhism Volume)
[under contract]

Lin Wei. “The Tang Dynasty (618-907) Buddhist Caves at Qixiashan, China”
[Chinese manuscript in preparation]

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Lin Wei. “Qixiashan Qianfoya qu Nanchao shiku de fenqi yanjiu 霞山千佛區南朝石窟的分期研究” (Periodization and Chronology of the Southern Dynasties Buddhist Caves at Qixiashan).  Yanjing xuebao (The Yenjing Journal of Chinese Studies), new number 19 (2005): 275-308. [In Chinese]

Lin Wei. “Xumishan Tangdai dongku de leixing he fengqi 須彌山唐代洞窟的類型和分期(Typology and Periodization of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) Buddhist Caves at Xumishan).  In Kaoguxue yanjiu (A Collection of Studies on Archaeology), no. 3 (Beijing: Science Press, 1997):116-137. [In Chinese]
Note:This article is also included in Fazang wenku (A Collection of Buddhist Literature), no 9. (Gaoxiong, Taiwan: Foguangshan wenjiao jijinhui, 2003).

 Lin Wei.  Entries in The Circle of Bliss: Buddhist Meditational Art, by John C. Huntington and Dina Bangdel (Columbus and Chicago: Columbus Museum of Art and Serindia Publications, 2003):
“Traditional Benefactors,” 491-92
“Padmasambhava and His Eight Manifestations” (cat. 31), 150-52
“Vajrakumara” (co-worked with Dina Bangdel, cat. 155), 503-05
“Kila” (cat. 156), 506-07
“Kila” (cat. 157), 508-09

Lin Wei. “Qixiashan Qianfoya di 13 ku de xinfaxian 棲霞山千佛崖第13窟的新發現” (New Discoveries at Cave 13 [currently Cave 18] on the Thousand-Buddha-Cliff at Qixiashan).  Wenwu, no. 4 (1996): 32-36, 84. [In Chinese]

Lin Wei.  Catalogue Entries for Online Exhibition, Mirrors of the Heart-Mind: The Rezk Collection of Tibetan Art. The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art. Posted June 1998.
“Descent from the Trayastrimsha Heaven”
“Shakyamuni with two hundred Buddhas,”
“Narrative scenes of the Buddha Shakyamuni,”
“The Life of the Buddha Shakyamuni as Commemorated by Eight Stupas,” Co-worked with Chris Moore

Lin Wei.  “The Buddha Shakyamuni: The Enlightened One, Sage of the Shakyas,” Mirrors of the Heart-Mind: the Rezk Collection of Tibetan Art (Loretto, Pennsylvania: Southern
Alleghenies Museum of Art, 1998).


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Winner of NCTE English Journal Edwin M. Hopkins Award

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will be in JSTOR


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