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Faculty, Staff and Student Publications: By Year

List of the published work of the current faculty, staff, and students of Transylvania University.


Otarigho, Benson, Mofolusho O Falade, Jose Caparros-Martin, and Tomoaki Kahyo. 2023. “Computational Screening of Approved Drugs for Inhibition of the Antibiotic Resistance Gene Meca in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (Mrsa) Strains.” Biotech 12 (2).

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N8217.F64 G66 2022

Hess, Steve.  "You Can’t Eat the Roads: Chinese Leverage and Democratic Resilience in Zambia." Democracy in Africa. May 30, 2022.

Hutt, Ava (class of 2023), Kailie Settles (class of 2024), Caroline Shutt (class of 2023). "Course embedded programming and the need for clear expectations.Another Word: From the Writing Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison. April 26, 2022.


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LC1099.3 .F437 2021


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Paden, Jeremy and Annelisa Hermosilla, class of 2019. Under the Ocelot Sun. Shadelandhouse Modern Press. 2020.
PS3613.A3357 U53 2020

Ribovich, Leslie. "Saving Black Boys: Delinquency, Race, and the Institutionalization of Religious Practice at the Wiltwyck School for Boys, 1937–1942." American Religion 2.1 (2020): 101-30.

Leslie Ribovich and Eden Consenstein. "Teaching Religion, 1955." The American Religion: Sources Project. 2020.

Wright, Justin (class of 2017) The National Lynching Memorial Speaks to My Black ’Bama Body OR Imma Be Here Forever, You Gon’ Remember This. Sapiens April 7, 2020.

Wright, Justin (class of 2017) Hush-Hush, a Pale-Horse Cometh: Mirabilis Manducat. Sapiens. June 30, 2020.


Peter B. Campbell, Derek M. Smith, Jeffrey G. Royal, Christopher T. Begley, Peter Zdravković, Derek Irwin. "Developing Maritime Archaeology Education and Outreach in the Balkans: The Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program’s Field Schools in Albania, Croatia, and Montenegro." In: Bell, Katy. Bridging the Gap in Maritime Archaeology: Working with Professional and Public Communities. Oxford : Archaeopress Access Archaeology, 2019.

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B1499.R45 D38 2019

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Steve Hess Richard Aidoo "Backsliding in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Role of China’s Development Assistance." Commonwealth & Comparative Politics.  57.4 (2019): 421-444.
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will be in JSTOR

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PR658.C48 Q44 2018

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HM656 .G46 2018

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PS3616.A3357 P75 2018

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PS3616 .A3357 R85 2016

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PS591.N4 B63 2017

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DE71 .C76 2018

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ebook & F459.E44 T39 2018

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Wallace J. (2018) Dissertation: Using Foot Pressure Analysis to Predict Reoccurrence in Children With Unilateral Clubfoot.


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requested ILL

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requested ILL

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See librarian for copy.

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Library has a copy.  Ask a librarian.

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PN2080 .E92 2016
The book includes an article by Theater professor Mike Sanders, and one-act plays/monologues by Transy faculty and staff — Zoe Strecker, Maurice Manning, Gretchen Shoot — as well as monologues by current and recently graduated Transy students — Joe Bahena, Martha White, Mollie LaFavers, Jessica Wilson, Mattie Bruton and Stephanie Wright.

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See librarian for copy.

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Library has paper copy.  See librarian.

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Library has paper copy.  See librarian.

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Library has paper copy.  See librarian.

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Winner of NCTE English Journal Edwin M. Hopkins Award

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