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Lexington History

Explore archival, primary & secondary sources to discover Lexington History.

Lexington & Kentucky : online primary historical sources

Bullock Photo Collection - A collection of photographs taken in and around Lexington and Fayette County, Kentucky.  Included are images of local buildings, businesses, racetracks, banks, schools, churches, and homes.  Also present are photographs of the courthouse, public library, orphan asylum, jail, and Transylvania University.

Coleman Scrapbooks - Collected by J. Winston Coleman, this set of 60 scrapbooks contain items of historical interest that caught his eye.  They include materials from the late 1700s through the 1980s.  The materials are focused on Kentucky and Lexington.

Coleman Photos - This collection of photos was collected or taken by J. Winston Coleman.  Approximately 1200 of the 5000 photos are available here (as of 4/2023).  These illustrate Lexington and Kentucky history.  Coleman was interested in buildings, bridges, stagecoaches, trains, farming, and more.

Transy University Documents

Lexington & Kentucky - online non-primary sources

Broad online primary sources that also contain Kentucky materials

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