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Faculty and Staff Information: Discretionary Fund

Discretionary Fund

Money is available for grants from the Library Discretionary Fund!

If you feel that your regular divisional allocation is not enough to support the items you wish to add to the library collection for student research, you may request additional money from the discretionary funds.  Requests for purchases from this fund must be made by March 1. Requests can be submitted to Susan Brown electronically or in paper.

Your requests should include:

  • A list of specific titles, including author/editor, prices, and ISBN
  • A justification for purchasing this material from outside your divisional allocation.

The following are the criteria used in awarding grants form the Discretionary Fund:

  • Materials are to be used by a new instructor.
  • Materials are in an area which has been neglected for some time.
  • Materials are cross-divisional in subject matter or in prospective use.
  • Special circumstances, as when the division allocation formula clearly works to the disadvantage of certain programs which are unable to meet instructional obligations; or when materials presently held in the library are dated because of current developments in the field.
  • Materials that are very expensive (such as a series of volumes), whose purchase would unduly require funds from the divisional allocation to the detriment of other funding requirements.