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Faculty and Staff Information: Library Advisory Sub-Committee

Who Are They?

The Library Advisory Subcommittee of the CPC is made up of four faculty members representing the four divisions, a student representative assigned by SGA, and the Library Director. The faculty representatives serve two year terms. New representatives are chosen by the divisions and membership rotates among the divisions.

14 -15 members:

  • Brian Rich - Social Sciences | July 2014-June 2015
  • David Kauffman - Humanities | July 2014-June 2015
  • Becky Fox - Natural Sciences | July 2014-June 2016
  • Scott Whiddon - Fine Arts | July 2014-June 2016
  • ?? - Student Representative
  • Susan Brown - Library Director

Past Members


What do they do?

What do they do?

The Library Advisory Subcommittee of CPC is an advisory board for the library.  It brings concerns of the TU community to the attention of the library, the library seeks advice from the subcommittee, and the committee helps the library to communicate with the faculty.  Some specific roles include the approval of the divisional allocations of the book budget, awarding discretionary fund requests if more funds are requested than can be funded and advising on dropping and adding of new periodical subscriptions.

Some specific items on the agenda in 14-15 are:

  • Discussion of periodical subscriptions
  • Approval of the division of the book fund among the divisions.
  • Award requests for Discretionary Fund money.

Reports to CPC