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Student Managers in the Library: Home - FAQ

This information is for student managers working in the library building.


Managers must be enrolled either as a Transylvania student or as a SLIS student at UK during the semester(s) in which they work. Preference will be given to current Transylvania students.  Managers must hold a minimum 2.5 g.p.a. at the time of offer.  GPA must be maintained throughout the entire term of employment. Managers must be able to work late night and weekend shifts.  Failure to meet these requirements will be grounds for dismissal. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis by the Public Services Librarian. 


• SMs must look neat, approachable, and responsible while on duty.

•  Name plate should be visible at ref desk while on duty.

• SMs should SMILE and nod to acknowledge library patrons as they enter to maintain a visual record of who is coming in and out of the building and to set a good example for circulation desk workstudies.


The student managers report directly to the Public Services Librarian.


If hired, it is our understanding that you cannot keep your workstudy appointment. In the case that you are offered a student manager position, you will be responsible for checking with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that there is no disruption to your financial aid package and that you understand the impact that holding the position will have on your financial aid.

Back-up managers may keep their regular workstudy hours since the extra manager pay will be infrequent and occasional.

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