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Pre-health Personal Statements

The Writing Center, CAPE, and Library have teamed up to provide resources and tips as you prepare your personal statements for medical, nursing, veterinarian, dental, pharmacy, OT, PT, nursing, etc. admissions applications.

Critiquing Sample Statements

Use the sample personal statements below for the workshop activity. In a group, read your sample statement and respond to these questions as a group. Record your responses in this shared Google Slide that everyone in the workshop will have access to and be able to reference later.


Sample Statement: Essay #1--Landscaping; Habitat for Humanity; Chemistry Tutor (Med School--Transy Alum)
Sample Statement: Essay #3--Mother's Illness; Mental Health; Art of Caring (Nurse Practitioner--UK Alum)
Sample Statement: Essay #11--Brother's Meltdowns; Autism; Empathy (Occupational Therapy--Transy Alum)