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FYS--M. Gehringer FA2019: Class Readings & Resources

Course website to accompany Prof. Gehringer's FYS course

Additional Reading

Kentucky Resources

George Ella Lyon

Resources and links

Former Kentucky Poet Laureate George Ella Lyon talks about "Where I'm
From" poem and project.

Elkhorn Creek reveals its past: A mammoth, a massacre, a famous painter and more.


Former Kentucky Poet Laureate Richard Taylor talks about his new book about Elkhorn Creek, near where he lives. The book was recently named the best new book about Kentucky of the year.

Paul Sawyier

Online resources and image galleries

Paul Sawyier, one of Kentucky's most renowned artists, was an American impressionist painter who depicted scenes of New York and Frankfort, KY.

NPR: Memories of Home--Call for poems

NPR Host, Rachel Martin, and poet, Kwame Alexander, join together to solicit poems from their listeners about where they are from. During their show they read from George Ella Lyon's Where I'm From poem to help listeners get an idea of the types of poems they are seeking for submission.

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