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Student Managers in the Library: Library Manager Resources

This information is for student managers working in the library building.

Opening Procedures

For opening the library, follow this checklist:

1. Turn on all the lights.  Switches for the main floor are located on the wall above the Ed Center book truck, on the wall beneath the clock.

2. If on a weekend, unlock all downstairs lab doors

3. Pick up any books or periodicals found lying around and bring to the circulation desk for check-in and reshelving.

4. Turn on copiers by pressing lightly the ON/OFF button on the keypad.

5. Turn on the computers at the circulation desk.  Login: “circ” and psswd: ”student1". Click on the ILL module and log in with the ”student” and ”student”.  Open windows and login to Webcht, Zoho ref stats, and open circ manual. Open web browser and login to WMS.

7. Retrieve the newspapers from the bookdrop.  Remove the ads, and place the newest paper on the display shelf.  Place the paper that is 2 days old on top of the relevant stack below.  Pull the paper that is one month old from the bottom and discard for recycling.

8.  Check-in any materials found in the bookdrop.

Closing Procedures

For closing the library, follow these steps:

1. Straighten the circulation desk area, pick up any books or periodicals left out and reshelve or place in reshelving area.

2. Check in any materials left at the circulation desk.

3.  Lock the doors to the computer labs and any staff offices that are open.

4. Turn off all lights (stacks, circulation, reference area, ACE, computer labs, EVERYTHING).

5.  Throw away any trash found on tables.

6.  Log off the circulation computers.

7.  Double check that windows are closed and locked (esp. in the ACE, basement stacks, Media Viewing Room, Ed Resoruce Center, and any other ground level area.

8.  Make sure all patrons have left the library.

9. Make sure doors to the cafe/bookstore are closed.  Call DPS to let them know you are closing. Lock both front doors on your way out. 

Circ Worker Tasks

When there are two students at the circ desk, ask one student to work on one of the following maintenance tasks. Be fair and balanced in the amount or work and time alloted to each student so that no one feels the work is put solely upon him alone. As a general rule, 30 minutes of one activity is enough time away from the desk for most student workers.

  • Fill scratch paper bins near reference computers. 
  • Refill printers with paper - ref, TLC, big lab. 
  • Check and refill as needed staplers and tape dispensers at circ and ref desks.
  • Collect magazines and books left lying out. Scan books as "browse" and place magazines on the browse shelf.
  • Record magazine browses and reshelve.
  • Clean the circ desk area. 
  • Pick up paper and trash left lying around, recylce as appropriate. 
  • Straighten furniture and tidy up both floors of the library.
  • Shelve books by floor or location:

A - HC, basement
HD - PQ3999, 1st fl.
PQ4000 - Z, 2nd fl.
Ed Rec Rm, basement

Resources: Library Mngrs

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