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Spanish Golden Age Literature

This research guide is intended to be an introduction to library resources for students studying Spanish Golden Age Literature.


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Of particular interest will be: 

  • Antología de la crítica sobre el Quijote en el siglo XX: Wide selection of major critical works published in the 20th century that treat the work of Cervantes. 
  • Calderón y la cultura europea: 16 critical philological analyses dedicated to the contributions of Pedro Calderón de la Barca to European culture.
  • Cervantistas: Digitilization of the publication of the Association of Cervantistas, that offer critical articles on the life, work and time of Miguel de Cervantes.
  • Clásicos hispánicos: Works of classical language in the Spanish language, in critical editions that offer extensive bibliographies of other useful works.
  • El conjuro de los libros: Exhibition of books from the literary world of Cervantes, held in the National Library of Colombia.
  • El Quijote en América: Collection of anthologies of prestigious essays that treat the reception of the Quijote in Latin America.
  • España y Flandes bajo los reindos de Carlos V y Felipe II: Collection of critical studies on the relationship between the Hispanic kingdoms and the terrories of the 17 Provinces of the 16th century.
  • Fortuna de España: A study of the Spanish book edited in Europe between the 15th and 17th centuries, analyzed from the point of view of language and the printing press.
  • Quevedo y la crítica: Collection of essays from the 20th century dedicated to the reception and analysis of the satirical and romantic work of Quevedo.