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About the Collection

Title: Doris Ulmann Photographs

Creator: Ulmann, Doris, 1882-1934
Size: ca. 1 cubic ft.
Repository: Transylvania University
Collection Indicator: PA 4
Digitized: 2001

Scope & Content

This is a collection of twenty-three Doris Ulmann photographs of Appalachian subjects. These large prints are matted and signed by Ulmann.


Doris Ulmann was born in New York City. She began her photography career in 1918, as a portraitist. In the late 1920s and early 1930s she traveled through Eastern Kentucky and other parts of Appalachia photographing the people of the region. She died in New York in 1934.

Doris Ulmann. Wikipedia.


Appalachian Region -- Photographs.
Mountain people -- Kentucky -- Photographs.
Mountain whites (Southern States) -- Kentucky -- Photograph
Ulmann, Doris, d. 1934.

Contents of Collection

Item 1 Older man wearing hat and overalls standing at open door of cabin with young, barefoot boy in overalls and young barefoot girl
Item 2 Young girl in sailor-collared dress, holding bouquet of wildflowers
Item 3 Elderly, bearded man in vested suit and ragged hat. Leather strap(?) over right shoulder.
Item 4 Elderly man with chin beard in suit and tieless shirt; seated, holding book.
Item 5 Elderly woman wearing sunbonnet, wearing skirt and print blouse, seated in chair.
Item 6 Woman in sunbonnet seated in rocking chair in doorway. Two small children holding on to chair.
Item 7 Elderly bearded man wearing hat, shirt and overalls, seated, hands folded on cane.
Item 8 Man in rimless glasses wearing vested suit and bow tie. Seated before open door holding small case with handle.
Item 9 Elderly man with mustache wearing tie and wide-brimmed hat. Seated before house holding a book in one hand. Other hand resting on cane.
Item 10 Elderly bearded man wearing suit standing in open door, left hand resting on cane.
Item 11 Man wearing shirt and pants with suspenders, seated under shrub (?) holding newspaper.
Item 12 Mustached man wearing floppy-brimmed hat standing next to machinery(?) holding bucket.
Item 13 Two women in front of house. One using washboard and tub, the other standing with arms crossed.
Item 14 Older woman seated in door of cabin with arms crossed. Young girl seated before her.
Item 15 Young girl standing in front of cabin, holding younger girl. Both holding bunches of wildflowers.
Item 16 Elderly bearded man seated on hand-made ladder propped against wall.
Item 17 Young girl in plaid dress looking out open window.
Item 18 Older man with mustache wearing hat and vested suit, seated whittling.
Item 19 Older man with mustache, wearing dark hat and bibbed overalls, standing holding rimless glasses in front of wall with harness(?) hanging on it.
Item 20 Bearded man wearing hat and jacket seated outdoors with hand to face.
Item 21 View of cabin or workshop. At left, man seated in doorway, bearded man sitting outside door in chair. Young boy carrying pail standing in yard. At right man with hat seated in open doorway, whittling.
Item 22 Man in dark shirt and pants standing at open door with young girl in white dress. Young man in cap and striped sweater seated on doorsill reading.
Item 23 Bearded elderly man seated in front of open doorway in chair using whetstone.