AV Equipment available for check-out: Home

These are just some of the things available for check-out from the library!

Cables and adapters

Apple mini-port adapter
Apple Regular adapter
HDMI male to VGA female adapter
Mac to HDMI adapter
audio cable
HDMI cable (3 meter)

VGA cable                                   

Charger, Apple 30 pin                  

Charger, Apple Lightning              

Charger, Apple MagSafe               

Charger, MiniUSB                          

Charger, MicroUSB                         


Equipment Available

If you don't see what you need check with Robert Campbell or other members of the library staff.

JVC video camera
Canon still camera
Canon SLR camera
digital voice recorder
IBM laptop
(Due to Apple limitations, this is available to faculty only)
digital projector
metal camera tripod



How do I check out equipment?

You can check out equipment with your crimson card at the circulation desk of the library.

Some equipment is available for reservation. If you would like to request a reservation, contact one of the library staff or email the library.

If we don't have what you need, let us know!

Yes, you are responsible for replacement costs if something does not come back.