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                                                      Study Smarter, Not Harder!

This information packed 5 session mini-course examines the mindset, habits, and skills of successful students. 

Class enrollment is LIMITED for this FREE mini-course. For more information or to register, please email

Greg Strouse:

This class is a complete/no complete experience (It will not impact your your academic credit load).

Classes meet on Tuesdays, starting 9/17/19, at 8:30, 1:30 and 3:30


Learning Skills staff offers individual academic coaching.

If you have questions about how to improve your academic success, come see us!

To schedule an appointment email

Greg Strouse ( or

Laura Scroggins (,

or stop by our offices in the ACE



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Laura Scroggins
(859) 233-8176
Testimonials: "The Master Student Class was a great experience. I learned a lot of things that will help me throughout the rest of my college experience."  •  "My test grades immediately came up after this class."  •  "I do feel more confident, in my memory techniques especially." "The instructor is very good at explaining the concepts of how to study and the tools/materials are invaluable."  •  "These things help. I wish I could have taken it earlier."  •  "I do feel more confident now that I have more techniques and methods to identify what I need to do to maximize my efficiency and effectiveness in a class."  • "Excellent class. I would recommend it to anyone regardless of academic standing."  • "The instructor is very prepared, informative, and helpful. I plan on utilizing him as a campus resource as much as possible."  • "Great class. All students should be encouraged to take this class."