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Henry Clay Student Congress: Research Tips and Tricks

Library Research Tips and Tricks

Forming the Research Question:


  • What questions might someone else have about this topic?

  • How can I narrow my topic by region/country?

  • By time period?

  • By demographics (groups of people)?

  • Am I interested in the relationship between more than one topic?

  • Am I willing to question what I think I already know about my topic in order to find the truth?


Choosing Your Search Tools:


  • Everything for your research is located at

  • You probably won’t find everything you need in one database; try several!

  • Start with more general sources (like Gale Virtual Ref or CQ), then move to newsapers or print resources.

  • Try using the advanced search options for more control over your results!


Forming Keyword Searches:


  • Remember to remove non-central words like a, an, the, in, of, and, or, but, etc.

  • Try to develop as many synonyms for your keywords as possible; try them in different combinations when searching.


How to Evaluate Sources for Credibility:


  1. Who is the author? Why should I believe him/her?

  2. Who is the publisher? What kinds of things do they usually publish?

  3. When was this published (too old/too new)?

  4. Who is the intended audience (is this too juvenile/too technical/etc.)?

  5. Is this information objective or biased (for or against any particular groups, politics, religion, etc.)? How do I know?

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