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ACE TU- Dugi Academic Center for Excellence: Learning Skills Program

Be a better student. Get better grades.

Purpose and Goals

The primary purpose of the TU Learning Skills Program is to assist students in maximizing their academic success. This program serves ALL Transylvania University students and it is anticipated that students who utilize the group and/or individual services will:

  1. Increase learning efficiency and learning effectiveness
  2. Adapt and apply appropriate learning strategies to current classes
  3. Become more active and "response-able" learners
  4. Improve problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills

Academic Success Topics

  • Assessing Academic Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Self-Management Skills (Motivation, Stress, Concentration, Attitude)
  • Task Management / Organizational Skills / Procrastination
  • Reading Speed and Comprehension
  • Decoding The Lecture / The Note Taking Experience
  • Test Preparation / Memory Skills
  • Test Taking Skills / Test Anxiety
  • Utilizing Academic Resources

Learning Skills Services

  • Individual Academic Coaching
  • ACE Tutoring
  • Master Student Class
  • Academic Outreach Programs

We can come to your group!

Student success seminars and learning skills workshops are available to the Transylvania University community.

To schedule something for your group, please contact Greg Strouse at

Master Student Class


Master Student Class -- Study Smarter, Not Harder!

The Master Student Class (MSC) is a 5 session mini-course designed for any student wanting to improve academic skills, habits, and attitudes. It is non-credit, free, and does not impact course load or GPA. We typically have a very diverse audience in the class (first year students through seniors, all majors, etc.). The MSC experience is designed to assist ALL students in becoming more efficient and effective learners.

The Master Student Class is 100% virtual (and asynchronous) and actually does not meet as a "class". The 5 instructional sessions are pre-recorded video lectures on critical academic success topics. MSC also includes periodic meetings with the class instructor for individualized academic coaching and a survey on learning strengths and weaknesses (LASSI). Over the course of the MSC experience, students will explore the "best of the best" learning strategies from the fields of educational psychology and the cognitive sciences. 

Class Topics include: motivation, changing habits, time management, reading speed & comprehension, note taking, test taking, test anxiety, procrastination, and much more.

If you are interested in participating in the Master Student Class, you can register on T-Net (UNIV-0900) or simply email Greg Strouse at .


Academic Power Presentation (APP)

This dynamic seminar series is designed to address a variety of critical student success topics. Students may choose to attend one, several, or all of the information-packed sessions. The APP series is currently being updated and is planned to be offered again in the 2021-2022 academic year. More info to follow soon!

Individual Academic Coaching

Students may schedule individual appointments with an academic coach to problem solve specific academic and learning challenges.

Please contact Greg Strouse at

Comments and Testimonials

"The Master Student Class was a great experience. I learned a lot of things that will help me throughout the rest of my college experience."

"My test grades immediately came up after this class."

"I do feel more confident, in my memory techniques especially."

"The instructor is very good at explaining the concepts of how to study and the tools/materials are invaluable."

"These things help. I wish I could have taken it earlier."

"I do feel more confident now that I have more techniques and methods to identify what I need to do to maximize my efficiency and effectiveness in a class."

"Excellent class. I would recommend it to anyone regardless of academic standing."

"The instructor is very prepared, informative, and helpful. I plan on utilizing him as a campus resource as much as possible."

"Great class. All students should be encouraged to take this class."