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This guide serves as a companion to the library's face-to-face instruction session(s) for the First-Year Library sequence. Topics covered may include: Types of Sources, Keyword Searching, Exploring Topics, Reading Citations, Intellectual Property

Research 101

You will not find all the information you need in one place nor will you find it using a single search term.  Gather information from a wide variety of sources (encyclopedias, journal articles, book chapters, reviews, etc.).  Collect new keywords as you search.  Use keywords in various combinations to focus your search and refine your results list. Synthesize the information you find to support your thesis.  Remember to give credit when using the words, ideas, images, and recordings of others by citing your sources correctly. 

Help is on the way!

We have compiled library resources to help you get started with research for your FYS class discussions, papers, and projects. Each tab in this guide breaks information seeking into different categories to help you gather background information, support claims with evidence, and evaluate your resources. Let's get started...

New Spice, Study like a the library

Credit: Harold B. Lee Library, BYU

Subject Guide

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