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FYRS - Winter 2018: Home

How to use this guide

Locate the page denoted by your FYRS professor's name. Each guide will highlight multidisciplinary resources useful to all courses along with featured resources that relate to your specific course content.

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Criteria for Evaluating Sources



What is the connection with your topic? Not necessary to use every source that mentions your concepts--focus on those that are most relevant


Who has written this information? What credentials does this person/group have on this subject? Is your source credible? What is the reputation of the source or content author? Who is responsible for the publication or web site? What if any organization is hosting or endorsing?


How thoroughly is the topic covered? Is it written for college level research? Is the information sufficiently complete for your purposes?


When was the information published or last updated on the web page?

Audience & Purpose 

Why does this resource or website exist? Why was it created? Who is the intended audience?


Is the information accurate? Can it be verified through another source? Is the language objective and impartial or is it subjective and inflammatory? Is the information or research documented?

Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals

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Vanderbilt University Library Tutorial (Eli Moody)