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FYRS - Winter 2019: Home

How to use this guide

Locate the page denoted by your FYRS professor's name. The home page provides resources for all FYRS sections while course pages provide featured resources that relate to your specific course content.

Library catalog: find books, articles, videos

CRAAP Test for Evaluating Sources

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Scholarly article search

Need more options? Library Databases A-Z

Need a specific journal? Journals A-Z

Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals

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Vanderbilt University Library Tutorial (Eli Moody)

Gather Background Information

Use broad reference materials to find out background information about your topic - this will help you narrow your future searches and will also give you keywords that will help you find the most relevant sources. Gale Virtual Reference (GVRL) or the Encyclopedia Britannica can be good places to start for that first step in research.

News Resources