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Student Employment in the Library: ACE Tutors / Peer Academic Consultants

Peer Academic Mentor / Tutor Job Description


The ACE Tutor is responsible for helping students to better understand the academic content of their courses.  The ACE Tutor should be knowledgeable about their subject, reliable, approachable, and patient.


  1. Learn basic pedagogical techniques through provided online training or by setting up a meeting with Greg Strouse,
  2. Improve communication, interpersonal and public services skills.


Applicants for this position must show evidence of subject expertise in the area they will cover through their transcripts and a faculty recommendation.  They must also have excellent interpersonal skills.

  1. TU faculty member recommendation in the subject they wish to tutor
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills: ability to listen and communicate effectively
  3. Subject knowledge and experience
  4. Ability to work independently
  5. Dependable, responsible, punctual, flexible
  6. Must maintain a good GPA in the subject being tutored
  7. Hours worked will be during the following shifts: Monday – Thursday evenings, as assigned.


The ACE tutors report to Greg Strouse, but tutors should notify current ACE student managers of absences since they will be directing students each evening for tutoring services.. Tardiness and leaving early is unacceptable unless you have worked out an alternate schedule with the supervisor.


Tutors will receive training for these responsibilities.

  1. Provide individual or group tutoring in the ACE
  2. Aid students in better understanding subject content
  3. Assist students in learning strategies to promote independent and critical thinking/learning
  4. Maintain accurate records as defined by the ACE manager such as
    1. Maintain timesheets
    2. Provide required feedback data regarding tutor/tutee interaction
  5. Exhibit professional, respectful, and courteous behavior to all students
  6. Complete all tutor training/meetings as required
  7. Assist with additional duties as needed

DRESS CODE FOR ACE Tutors/Peer Academic Consultants

Must look neat, approachable, and responsible while on duty

To Apply

To apply for a tutoring position, please have a faculty member in the subject area you wish to tutor send an email to Greg Strouse.

Hours & Compensation

Hours are Monday through Thursday evenings between 7pm and 10pm during Fall and Winter Semesters.  Tutors usually work two to four hours per week

Compensation is $8.20/hour.