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ACE TU- Dugi Academic Center for Excellence: HELP!

Be a better student. Get better grades.

Many ways to get help

There are lots of people on campus willing to help you and lots of ways that you can get help with your academics.  In addition to taking advantage of the drop-in peer academic mentoring available, you can make individual appointments with these people and groups --


Make an appointment for a personal research consultation. We are happy and excited to help you talk through your topic and find high quality resources that best support your work. These librarians can save you time and effort as you delve into your  research.

Helen Bischoff
Beth Carpenter

Susan Brown
Jason Cooper

More ways to get help with your research.

I'm not sure why I'm having problems

If you are not sure why you are having problems with your classes, try sitting down and talking with Greg Strouse.  He's great at pinpointing what you might be struggling with and helping to address those problems.  He can help identify problems with scheduling, reading texts, time management, getting homework done, etc.

Call him for an appointment at 233-8429 or email


You can make a personal appointment for writing consultation.  Whether you are still working out your thesis or have a draft that you want help with, come see us!  Make an appointment in the evenings in ACE on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Becky Mills can set you up with a personal appointment with a writing consultant at any time.  Contact the Writing Center at (859) 281-3594.

Scott Whiddon

Becky Mills 281-3594