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ACE TU- Dugi Academic Center for Excellence: Peer Academic Mentoring / Tutoring

Be a better student. Get better grades.

Get Better Grades

We offer drop-in peer mentoring for courses and subjects listed below.  If you need help with something not listed, let us know by emailing 

Be prepared!  When you come in, bring your textbooks, syllabus, assignments, etc. so that your peer academic mentors can help you the best that they can.

Math & Science tutoring will begin on January 16 and end on April 19.
For all other subjects, tutoring will begin on January 22 and end on April 13. There will be no tutoring offered during spring break.

Please fill out a survey about your tutoring experience- it will take less than 5 minutes!

Happening Today

Drop in Schedule - Winter 2018

Subject Courses Days & Time Location
Accounting ACCT-2014 Prin of Accounting I 
ACCT-2134 Prin of Accounting II
ACCT-3034 Intermediate Acct

Mon 8-10pm​
Wed 7-9:30pm

Lib ACE Rm 3

ECON-2024 Principles of Micro
ECON-2034 Principles of Macro
ECON-2104 Business &Econ Statistics
ECON-1004 Intro to Econ

Tues 7-10pm​

Thurs 8-10pm

Lib ACE Rm 4 (Tu+Th) & 3 (Tu)
Subject Courses Days Location
Spanish SPAN-1014 Spanish I
SPAN-1024 Spanish II
SPAN-1034 Spanish III
Mon 8-10pm Lib: ACE Rm 4
German GER-1014 German I
GER-1024 German II

Wed 7-9pm 

Lib: ACE Rm 4
Latin & Greek

LAT-1014 Latin I
LAT-1034 Latin III
GRK-1014 Greek I

Tu 7-9pm Lib: ACE Rm 6


FREN-1024 French II

Tu + Th 7-9pm

Lib: ACE Rm 5

CHI-1014 Chinese I
CHI-1024 Chinese II
CHI-1034 Chinese III

Tu 7-9pm Lib ACE Rm 7
Math and Science
Subject Courses Days & time Location
Biology    Biology: Molecules and Cells
Biology: Organisms and Ecosystems
Biologists' Toolkit
Sunday - Thursday
Lib: ACE Rm 1 & 8
Chemistry       Principles of Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I
Sunday - Thursday
Lib: ACE Rm 1 & 8
Computer Science Foundations of Computer Science
Data Structures
Sun & Tue - Thur
Lib: ACE Rm 1 & 8
Math Calculus I, II, & III
Sunday - Thursday
Lib: ACE Rm 1 & 8
Physics University Physics I 7-9pm
Monday - Thursday
Lib: ACE Rm 1 & 8